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Horns in the Dark 12"LP


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Choco Latte
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Choco Latte Grab some goulash, pour some of that Tokaji you've been saving, and blast this Hungarian duo's blistering first record as loud as you can. Despite the nods to Incantation, the seeds of their own sound are here. Favorite track: Dawn of Decay.
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Anthony This is exactly how I love my death metal - uncompromisingly blackened and brutal. I can't stop listening to this album. Favorite track: Arcanum-Secretum.
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  • BLACK VINYL - Limited to 200 copies - TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA - Horns in the Dark 12"LP
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BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to present a long-overdue vinyl LP edition of TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA's debut album, Horns in the Dark. Originally released on CD in 2013, Horns in the Dark introduced this Hungarian duo to the worldwide metal scene with a deafening roar. Timeless and trend-free, TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA create sepulchral death metal smothered in darkness and doom, the duo's surge 'n' slime oft likened to a "Hungarian Incantation," but across the LP are also touches of '90s Krisiun and classic Angelcorpse. Signpost or none, TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA have their songcraft and execution nailed to a T - or an inverted cross, perhaps? - the seven songs comprising Horns in the Dark reaping a whirlwind in a short/sharp/shocked half-hour and then leaving ashes in their wake. Rediscover the morbid visions of TYRANT GOATGALDRAKONA with this timely vinyl edition, and beware Horns in the Dark...(Nathan T. Birk)

12"LP Limited to 300 copies.
200 copies on Black Vinyl.
100 copies on Blood Red Vinyl.

"Hungarian INCANTATION lovers Tyrant Goatgaldrakona (note to self: metal band names rule) kill it here on debut full-length Horns in the Dark (note to self: metal album names rule), the band making their intent clear about four seconds into opener 'The Mountain of Irkalla (From Life to Death)' (note to self, etc.) and not letting up throughout this entire 31-minute disc. Those who heard it when it first came out on CD in 2013 know what's up, but now it's available on wax for the rest of the horde who need to get drenched in the sounds that make up this band's sewer-system infrastructure — and, like I say, it comes highly influenced by the mighty INCANTATION...These guys do that band's grinding and up-tempo sounds perfectly, almost to a fault: while this is excellent, there's not a whole lot in the way of personality beyond 'bunch of guys who love INCANTATION.' And while INCANTATION's true power often comes when they go low and sludgy, that side of things isn't explored nearly enough here. When it is (see opening track again), Tyrant Goatgaldrakona prove they can handle those sounds with the skill of old pros, too (they also nail 'psycho guitar solos' like old pros: see 'Dawn of Decay'). I'm looking forward to seeing this band develop a touch more individuality as they grow into the beast that Horns in the Dark promises they will" - (Exclaim!)

"This came out in 2013, and now Blood Harvest is putting this out on vinyl. This is low-tuned, crusty death metal that totally crushes. Brutal vocals and riffs from Hell, and the speed is burning. This reminded me of AUTOPSY with the way the songs have those slow doomy parts and then break off into speed parts. The guitar sound on this was crushing, as well. Good band, and good release" - (Metalcorefanzine.com)

"I hadn’t come across this particular album when it first came out, but Blood Harvest certainly knows their death metal, and that was reason enough to check it out. Right from the first blast of guitar and drums, I knew it was something I was going to spend a good deal of time with, as the sound falls somewhere between INCANTATION and Swedish death metal with some additional influences thrown in for good measure. Although there’s still room for further growth and Tyrant Goatgaldrakona does start to fall into a familiar pattern by the end, the sheer amount of weight behind the recording and subtle nuances have kept me reaching for this one quite a bit...There are a lot of familiar elements throughout Horns in the Dark, as the material offers a little bit of everything within the death metal spectrum. From the cavernous, lumbering riffs to faster moments with a thrash edge that lead into blistering solos, this duo has put it all into their songs and done so in a way that is instantly appealing...Drummer Lambert Lédeczy (who goes by Hellfire Commander of Eternal War and Pain for this band) also serves as the band’s vocalist, and he is able to deliver a performance that matches the intensity level of the instrumentals. The pitch stays at a lower, guttural growl that expands over the noisier riffs and seems to only gain additional energy as the riffs reach their peak level. Although there is a bit less variation to the performance when compared to some of the other death metal I’ve been listening to recently, this particular style is one that I’ll never tire of in the genre, and when it’s delivered so well, I can’t complain...the intensity of the recording along with that perfect combination of murky riffs and blistering solos still makes it one worth checking out. Tyrant Goatgaldrakona does their particular variation of the genre well, while still having room to grow just a bit more and really take things to the next level. Even with some familiar patterns by the end, this one’s found its way into my stereo a little bit more frequently than I initially expected. I’m expecting that by the time album #2 rolls around, these guys will be a mandatory listen, so definitely keep an eye on them" - (CosmosGaming.com)

"Now it's out on vinyl for those who can't get enough of blasphemous brutality from the underground...If it's up to Tyrant Goatgaldrakona (Wasn't Tyrant Goat enough?), they prefer to beat the listener over the head with a shovel before dismembering the corpse. In other words, pure death metal is their weapon of choice...The seven songs they run through in this just over half an hour ranges from three to seven minutes. Overall, it rips quite well, with rumbling riffs, throaty, gurgling vocals, and frenetic anti-melodic solos. It's got blazing thrust, and the songs got a swell flow...Despite moderate dynamics, the production itself is appetizingly deep and rumbling" - (Gorger.org)

"If the band name doesn’t give it away, then maybe the names of the band members will. On guitars and bass, we have Grave Desecration and Necrosodomy – that’s one person, by the way, not two – and on vocals and drums is Hellfire Commander of Eternal War and Pain. Yep, it’s old-school death metal hell-bent on destruction. Originally released in 2013, Hungarian death metal duo Tyrant Goatgaldrakona’s debut album is still a dark, doomy, gloomy, looming, and lumbering beast of a record...This devilish duo knows two things: first, how to craft a tune, and second, how to cut out the crap. Each of the seven tracks is concentrated hatred and violence. With half-time heavy riffs to open each of them, it’s not long before they’re blasting away in a barrage of guttural vocals, clamorous riffs, and urgent drumming. There are a few similarities across the tracks, and those they worship is more than apparent – INCANTATION being the most obvious – but their conviction and their mastery of the art is indisputable" - (TheMidlandsRocks.com)


released June 15, 2015


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