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Silent Night 02:46


Hailing from the metal hotbed of Chile, HELLISH present an exclusive 7" EP through BLOOD HARVEST records entitled Theurgist's Spell. Featuring four witching tracks, Theurgist's Spell is HELLISH's debut studio release after two demos and a live album. Across those four spells, HELLISH attack with ancient blackthrash magick, recalling the earliest Sodom and Destruction demos but brimming with the sulfuric fire only South American metal can provide. Behold the Theurgist's Spell!

--- Reviews:

“More madness from Chile, this time in the form of a 7” vinyl release for Hellish’s Theurgist’s Spell, which appeared on CD and cassette back in the summer. Vinyl is definitely the most appropriate format for these four tracks of wild, blackened thrash, spawned in the same infernal cauldron that gave birth to KREATOR and SODOM many decades ago. The production is raw and bloody, the riffs dirty and vicious, the vocals bestial, the songwriting a carnage strewn head-on collision between Pleasure To Kill and Outbreak Of Evil. Nothing new or groundbreaking, but a pretty faultless display of wanton violence nonetheless” – Zero Tolerance [4/6 rating]

“Chile has always been a bit of a hotbed when it comes to extreme underground metal and also for the savage barbarity most of it is delivered with – no exception to the rule is Hellish from Talagante in Santiago, who have been bringing us their Satanic, blackened thrash since formation in 2010…Featuring four tracks over 13 minutes for a 7” EP, there’s a fair amount of music. Opener ‘Total Darkness’ is the longest of the four tracks and clocks in at just over four minutes. The vocals are delivered with a raw, blackened rasp you’d usually associate with this type of music and is punctuated with many meticulous solos. The remaining three tracks average well under three minutes each and are typical, yet brilliant, moments of harsh thrash. There’s no need at all to over-describe the music of Hellish: it’s Satanic thrash delivered with cut-throat rawness that harks back to vintage blackthrash with a nod towards the likes of SARCOFAGO, et al…When I think ‘Chile,’ I think brutal, raw, and extremely well-executed music, and this release is more than capable of upholding that reputation. If you like your thrash dark, dirty, and nasty, this one is definitely for you” – [8/10 rating]

“As soon as I've washed away all the blood after the massacre of Chilean bands last month, more Chileans comes knocking on the door. This quartet, however, has something to offer. That we avoid more bloodshed is good in several ways. Nothing is better than the music being enjoyable, and rabid Chilean metal heads are, of course, delightful people. The quartet from Santiago is out with their first studio recording: a concise-but-effective EP that runs amok with machetes...Theurgist's Spell consists of four songs which, unfortunately, are finished almost before they're started. The duration of only 13:20 may be an argument to refrain from purchase, but for hardcore blackthrashers, the joy of supporting a band with strong potential, as well as access to a tough EP which marks the start of a Hellish raid in the underground, might just weigh heavier...The band offers fierce and speedy South American blackthrash with sound and expression that dates from the late ‘80s/early ‘90s. Instead of soaking the sound in rich bass and clogging all vents to create a compact wall of sound that just sounds annoyingly intense, they leave the airspace over the primary instruments alone. The dynamics are, in other words, very good and allow for thunderous drums and bass, or screaming guitar and vocals that go that little extra mile and creates even louder sound when it's called for. With a dynamic range of DR9, there's enough room for good sound…When the beastly frantic vocals also echoes between the walls, I catch myself smiling - Satanically, of course. This is rabid Chilean extreme metal to my liking...Drums and bass pounding away, guitars riffs heavily, screaming solos are added - hell, they even deliver some quite eerie moods. The songs probably ain't got the most memorable character, and thus, it's not on a classic level, but the band is reckless and energetic to the max. Thus, the result is killer...Hellish has what it takes to reach the top - in the underground, and there they will probably thrive” –

“One thing you got to give them props - or (most) bands, for that matter, from South America in general that they play this style of retro-thrash - is they have that honesty in their approach and just seem to get things right in the sound and in attitude from the ‘80s thrash era. But with that being said, this can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it...What Hellish do is pay tribute to a lot of bands of the aforementioned heyday of thrash. Hellish has a more malevolent sound from those bands of the past, but the atmosphere is still there. Also, there is big influence of KREATOR circa the Endless Pain era. I mention this because there is that darkness in their sound. Listen to the vocals of Necromancer and you hear a more evil Mille, with his bass sound rumbling in the background along with the guitars, which are like razors like cutting through the speakers and suitably chaotic in the solos and with touches of black metal tonality...The lone instrumental ‘Arrival of Satan’ gives a good demonstration of VENOM worship; the drums have that 1-2, 1-2 pacing of early SODOM. In the production, I hear a small bit of early DARKTHRONE, which adds a touch of blackness to the proceedings. Even in the band pictures, you see some Morbid Visions-era SEPULTURA; the cover artwork is dark and ominous, which is a welcome diversion from the goat/tank/bullet-and-horns from typical albums of this genre...Yeah, the sound is sorta one-dimensional and there is not any new ground being explored here, but you should know what you’re getting when you buy or even read into what Hellish have to offer: it’s straight and to the point, it’s powerful, it’s dark and it’s an EP…you can’t go wrong with this bit of good thrashing fun” –

“Sometimes when I read things on a hype sheet for an album, I say, ‘Yeah, right - we'll see what I hear when I listen to this.’ That's exactly what I did with this. I said, ‘Hmmm, supposed to sound like old SODOM and DESTRUCTION but with South American influence...we shall see.’ As it turns out, that's exactly what this new EP from Hellish sounds like. Even the recording gives it that old feel, although it's relatively well-recorded. The first thing I thought was how it sounds like an old DESTRUCTION record, at least musically. Vocally, however, it brings to mind SODOM and SARCOFAGO, right down to the reverb on the vocals…I will definitely recommend it as a solid EP worth listening to by those fans who cannot get enough of that old blackthrash sound” – Twenty Red Nails webzine

“By now, it’s well known throughout the Midwest that this old man is a thrash junkie, a bona fide Gally Thrashicanus. Before putting a thrash album on, my eyes begin to gleam with a wild and ravenous light. But not so much with the new crop of thrash metal bands like MUNICIPAL WASTE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, and BONDED BY BLOOD, what with their crisp, clean high-tops and head-bands. I like the grit, the grime, the grisly thrash metal of yore. My crusty ass was around when this stuff broke for the first time, so the emulation doesn’t get my gears going, but when a band like Hellish captures the stench of those old shoes so well, I start to feel flatulent. At my age, it is hard to tell the difference between gas and excitement...I choose to believe that Hellish spent the last few decades lost in the mountains of Chile, their only technology an analog eight-track recorder and their instruments. Thusly shut off from the internet and trends in music, they recorded Theurgist’s Spell not as a throwback to the golden thrash days, but as a result of complete and total isolation. Considering they formed in 2010 and have only a few demos and one live recording to their names, my brain tells me that’s not true, but my blackened heart flips it the bird and goes along with the program. There’s a filth from the ages that new thrash, with rare exception, just cannot catch, and Hellish have that evil early sound. Theurgist’s Spell is to thrash what SKELETHAL‘s excellent Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity EP was to death metal. Incidentally, my review of that purple-hued beast dropped a year ago today as of me writing this, and if I may be so pompous as to quote my own review (and considering the fact that our new mast here at (C)angry Metal Guy boldly declares ‘snobbery,’ methinks I’m in the clear), ‘[Hellish] don’t sound retro, they sound authentic.’ Not a modern band playing moth-eaten music, but like a little slice of the thrash metal pie from when SODOM, KREATOR, and SEPULTURA laid the tracks that later moved the train directly to death metal...Sometimes, the accent is all you can hear and when you can figure out what the fuck vocalist/bassist Necromancer is spewing about in his high-pitched howl, like the pronunciation of ‘Saaaytaahn’ in the opener ‘Total Darkness,’ he snipes those ESL twangs with deadly accuracy. Guitarist Francisco certainly has a gift for thrashtastic melodies. That the instrumental ‘Arrival of Satan’ holds up is testament to that. Cristian pounds the kick snare combo with a ferocity that would make John Henry’s pubes go straight, but it’s when the closer ‘Assassin Mind’ kicks in with it yet again that it becomes clear the tempo doesn’t vary much with the engine revving at pretty much full steam the whole time. The lack of variety makes me wonder how a full-length would hold up, but at just over 13-and-a-half minutes, Theurgist’s Spell doesn’t come off as The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave. Rather, it’s a brief and fun-enough romp down memory lane that allows the listener to appreciate the primitive elements that made Hellish‘s forefathers our heroes and once again get that glorious feeling when music sounded genuinely evil” –

“Under the bodies of the sacrificed ones, in the dark of an ancient blackened winter night, these creatures of Hellish emerge with true dark, blackened thrash metal! Mid-tempo’d throughout with dark, catchy riffs and eerie-as-hell vocals make this a very sincere release and a must for all fans of early black metal and evil thrash...The song structures are perfect, the guitar leads are dark, anddrums are dirty and raw but clear in the production, exactly the way drums should be. This is a perfect release to be on vinyl” –

“Bristling with South American fury, Chilean black thrashers Hellish have released an exclusive 7″ through Blood Harvest Records, tearing flesh from bone with four searing tracks of raging fury. Recalling early KREATOR or SODOM at their savage best, Hellish are inspiring all sorts of headbanging here...Opener ‘Total Darkness’ leads you into a furious maelstrom of proto-thrash, complete with snarling vocals and relentless chaos. ‘Silent Night’ is more of the same, blackened thrashing in the vein of SARCOFAGO, ARCHGOAT, or the finest offerings from Hells Headbangers. ‘Theurgist’s Spell’ positively pulses with dark energy; each blackened chainsaw riff gleams with a kind of rusty malevolence. The drumming is a battery from Hell, and when the EP comes to an abrupt end with the flailing evil of ‘Assassin Mind,’ it’s over too soon...Hellish have got that traditional South American fury melded into classic German thrash, and it makes Theurgist’s Spell a treat for your bloodstained ears” – Those Once Loyal webzine

"Fierce and speedy SouthAmerican blackthrash with sound and expression that dates from the late '80s/early '90s. Instead of soaking the sound in rich bass and clogging all the vents to create a compact wall of sound that just sounds annoyingly intense, they leave the airspace over the primary instruments alone. The dynamics are, in other words, very good, and allow for thunderous drums and bass, or screaming guitar and vocals, to go that little extra mile and create even louder sound when it’s called for...With drums and bass pounding away, guitars riffing heavily, screaming solos, and beastly frantic vocals echoing between the walls, I catch myself smiling. Satanically, of course. The band is reckless and energetic to the max. Yet, they even deliver some quite eerie moods. This is rabid Chilean extreme metal to my liking" -


released November 27, 2015


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